Naruto: ANBU At Hogwarts
Aeris with her hair down
Title: ANBU At Hogwarts
Fandom: Naruto/Harry Potter
Pairing: Kakashi/Sakura
Posted: 8/5/06

Notes: I might get killed for pulling this one off of my page and posting it up with the rest of my fanfiction garbage, haha. This story garnered 92 reviews on over the past four years, and it was very, very well-received - but I'm pulling it off of my page because it is not a good story. There are a lot of problems with this in the technical aspects of writing, the ideas, the characterization, you name it. This story has a lot of fans, but I consider it garbage-material, which is why I have taken it down off of my fanfiction profile, which is something I'd rather use to showcase my better stories.

ANBU at Hogwarts. I was totally twelve-years-old and begging for a beating.Collapse )

Naruto: Dominoes
Aeris with her hair down

Title: Dominoes
Fandom: Naruto
Pairing: Gaara/Sakura
Written: 4/28/07

Notes: This is just waste and fluff, I've never been proud of this one, so I figured I'd haul 'er there off of ye ol' fanfiction page. 

Man, this thing is like dust bunnies caught in hairballs and candy corn.Collapse )

Yu Yu Hakusho: For A While
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OLDIE. Written when I was eleven - one year into my fanfiction career. =O
Pretty bad, but put up for the lulz. Try not to vomit, kids.Collapse )

Fahst Update Since Fahevahhhh
Sure has been a while!

Anyway, I've decided to kick back up and use this again - my LJ account is going to be mainly for writing. I'll have some updates here and there, but again, mostly writing. I'm going to be posting up a lot of stories here that've been deleted off my fanfiction account, kind of like that's my showcase place and this is... everything else. :P

I luff my Yuffentine avatar

I've been super inactive on and regarding writing otherwise. I've been slowly adding to a multi-chapter FFVII story I'm working on, and while it's nowhere near ready, I've decided to avoid homework by posting up the first three pages of the first chapter. Exciting, right? You've lived your entire life for this moment, amirite? Of course I am!

This story is called Oceans Fall Into Skies (dreadful title, I know, it's a stand-in and I need to figure out a better one that more or less denotes the same weird meaning of the sea falling up... 'The Ocean Is Falling Up,' 'Seas Falling Up,' I'm terrible at this). It is told from Yuffie Kisaragi's point of view, focusing around her growing relationship with Vincent Valentine, both platonically and romantically, as they attempt to find a fix for Vincent's struggle for control of his own body with Chaos. The story is set around the basis that, when Omega left the Planet in Dirge of Cerberus, all of Vincent's demons were taken except for Chaos. Initially, when I thought up the idea I also wanted to write the story as a kind of throwback to the old school Final Fantasies, which have always intrigued me despite the fact I've never played them. When I found out that Chaos is from the original game, I decided I would like to incorporate elements from the original plotline that really started everything. Subsequently, enemes, names, and even the central plot and possibly theme all heavily draw from that original Final Fantasy.

Alright, I'll stop rambling - but only if I get some feedback. (Like on the title. Freaking title. It sounds unnatural, don't it? I'd like one that rolls off the tongue. Smooth-like. Real nice to listen to, y'know... with the same weird feeling of water falling upwards, which is, of course, impossible and I'll stop now, sorry. ;P)

Because maybe they never really could let go, even from the start.Collapse )

Oneshot - Roots
Aeris with her hair down
Title: Roots
Setting: FF7 - original 
Rating: T 
Summary: Because Vincent forgets himself, sometimes, because Vincent wants to swallow her whole and crawl into her skin, and these are the ties that last. 

Useless A/N: I wanted to write something a little more upbeat, in a very non-upbeat way. Does that make sense? I began writing this to Rusted Roots' Send Me on My Way, which will always be my favorite song forever and ever and ever amen, and it branched off from there to something a little different that I wasn't expecting. Thoughts, concrit, put-downs, comments, not-comments? :D Nyuk nyuk nyuk.

Her mouth is trembling from anticipation to form a sound like a writhing newborn, naked and unsure and full of life. Collapse )

100 Themes KH - Up
 Title: uP
Theme + Number: growing up, #76
Claim: Auron & Rikku
Characters/Pairings included: Aurikku
Rating: K+
Summary: He thought her smile could fuel the sky as they laughed and he flopped onto the ground while she flopped down onto his little nine-year-old stomach and then they were quiet.

A/N: I've been have a rough time of it lately, and writing has been slow-going. In an attempt to fend off writer's block, stretch myself to start getting back into writing oneshots and writing Auron and Rikku, I decided that a prompt from either key_blade or pyre_flies would be nice and started writing random nonsense, having no idea where it would go, and I'm actually pleased with the results. I crave feedback. And cake. To cake!

Naruto - Unwritten
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So, I wrote a very bad story once. And I liked the idea, and so rewrote it. And I didn't like that either, so last year I rewrote it again. And I hated it, so I'm rewriting it now. That makes four versions... oi! @_@

Unwritten is a Naruto story focusing around Sakura Haruno and the pairing of Sakura x Itachi; many people have written a story where one of them - usually Sakura, if not always - accidentally finds themself in the past, and how the rework either their own life or someone elses. I wanted to write my own in a fairly reaslitic sense, and that was hard. Sakura is, honestly, a little bit of a bland character for me. That's because I've been overexposed to the point of insanely unhealthy to Yuffie and Rikku; but it was hard for me to find her. Fanfiction has really screwed her up, no joke, and I did it too. I made her too strong, too morbid, too this or that. So I more or less super-analyzed her character, met her, said 'hello,' and then began to write it over again.

Anyway. Posting it here in case... anybody reads this. Which they don't. I'm avoiding my math homework. (Again.)

Title: Unwritten
Rating: T (language)
Summary: A nineteen-turned-twelve Sakura will vouch that time travel is no walk in the park.
Link: Let's try this again.


100 Themes KH - Happy as a Clam
Aeris with her hair down

I really like writing aurikku from other people's points of view - it's really refreshing, for any pairing.

Title: Happy as a Clam
Game: KHII
Theme + Number: Inside - #41
Claim: auron/rikku
Characters Included: yuna
Rating: K+
Warnings: -
Summary: She likes watching them - she's not spying - but there's something there that makes her feel light and makes her smile.


100 Themes FFX - Laugh at Clocks
Aeris with her hair down

I'm sort of  starting to wonder if I have some obsession with writing children in as a theme for FFX. Maybe just because it's fun. Maybe just because I should never, ever, ever have written it in as it is thus below. Probably that. Oh, jeez, I had to read like every single story by animecrush and logistika to figure this one out. Not that I'm complaining, that was a treat, it was ;)

Title: Laugh at Clocks
Setting: ffx
Theme: #3 - Scream
Rating: T
Warnings: -
Summary: Yuna fails, and he's on borrowed time.


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